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I need to cast myself adrift again,
Let go the tether holding me to you,
That faintest hope that you’ll remember when
Nothing else existed but we two.

For long before you hoisted your first sail,
Before my first three-wheeler cycle ride,
Our souls, connected, without much travail
Soared across the heavens side by side.

I recognize the corners of your smile.
Familiar is the warmth surrounding you.
That’s why I chose to linger here awhile,
In hopes that you’d remember my soul too.

Remember and let go your earthly chains
and love with full abandon, as before.
Forgetting we’re subject to life’s domains,
we reach inside our hearts to find much more.

But circumstances hold you close to land,
Only to take flight aided by machine.
Unable to reach out and take my hand,
You soar alone, then return to routine.

So this short trip to earth is not our time.
We found each other much too late to join.
While lost inside your arms life is sublime,
I must ignore the tugging at my loin.

And I must stop aspiring to provoke
Your memory of aeons of delight.
When understanding, ‘though no words we spoke,
We knew no light, no dark, no day, no night.

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