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The Dream is Dead

As long as possible,
I tried so hard to hold onto the dream.
I hoped a miracle
would turn me from this recourse, which does seem
now unavoidable.

You looked the other way
while I jumped up and down to catch your eye.
And now I hear you say
you do not understand the reason why
I choose to stay away.

The phone was to your ear
the whole time I was speaking from my heart.
Today you ask to hear
the words you missed, as if we now could start
to rebuild what was dear.

I ached for your caress,
while you looked for a stranger to hold close.
I see now you undress
me with your eyes, as if you could dispose
of your unfaithfulness.

But I meant what I said.
I’m free from hoping we will be as one.
Let it rest on your head.
You played your part and now my love is gone

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