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Monthly Archives: April 2003

Promise Me

Please promise me you’ll never promise me. No crueler master can there be than hope. It lingers and invites seductively my desperate hand upon it’s safety rope. Too many times I’ve grasped a tempting line and fallen, holding hemp that’s torn and frayed, recovered to a footing truly mine, and gathered up my strength, while […]

Gusty Lover

His icy fingers, grazing cheeks, brutally toss my hair about my face. Whipping open my coat, he seeks to grasp my naked limbs in harsh embrace. Clutching my clothes around my frame, I march on disregarding every gust. Too risky now to play his game and chance my fragile poise to winter lust.


I need to cast myself adrift again, Let go the tether holding me to you, That faintest hope that you’ll remember when Nothing else existed but we two. For long before you hoisted your first sail, Before my first three-wheeler cycle ride, Our souls, connected, without much travail Soared across the heavens side by side. […]

Free Fall

Trembling tongues tentatively touch through parted velvet lips. Luscious, liquid body falling, falling, falling into you.

Contrivance of Heart

Prescient companion penetrates repose always beyond my focus. Who is he? Akin, my secret hungering he knows for, correspondingly, he dreams of me. His fingers skirt the surface of my skin as tender yearnings dominate their course. My buoyant heart, perhaps a touch sanguine, knows..even so…that you won’t be the source. Undoubtedly aware that I […]

Safe Refuge

Come give to me your lips with heart attached and fall into the sumptuous abyss, no worries of how suitably we’re matched prohibiting surrender to my kiss. Let loose the halter holding back your joy. Pure hatred’s passion bared I would prefer to modest self restraint, steadfast decoy ensuring that fulfillment can’t occur. What captivating […]