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Monthly Archives: April 2001

You Are Grounded

At midnight I can picture you with golden hair tossed back and laughter on your lips. No need to listen for the door. At one o’clock I jump up to each sound. I look through windows hands on hips. You will be home soon, I am sure. At two o’clock I start to doze and […]


While I slept, your plump childish cheek perfected into graceful curve and clumsy baby finger sprouted, elegant and agile now. As hour turned to day and day to week and month to year, so grew your nerve. You thrust your chin at danger, with no sign of trepidation on your brow. And now it’s hard […]

Winged Hunter

Sweet lonely stalker, tethered to your word, you’ve fashioned for yourself a stifling cage. Your tortured cries for freedom I have heard. My heart is scorched by your lamenting rage. For my responsibility I know in bringing you to this unnatural plight. A winged hunter’s heart can only grow when he is free to chase, […]

Lingering in the Shower

I awoke from dreams of you and went about my day with you in mind. Liquid fingers running through my tangled locks delay. All things remind me of you as I hurry to catch up. No time to play. Now I’m behind.

I Can Do That

I can do that. I always knew I could. And without seeking, as I’m told I should, assistance from a man. For when there is no man around to ask I manage fine alone with any task. And so, I know I can. I’ve plastered walls and re-upholstered chairs. I’ve installed phones and carpeted the […]


Hush! Hold your words. Just show me with your eyes and heed the ardent message told with mine. To give your heart a voice only belies the fervency you set out to define.

I Walked Again to Half Moon Beach Tonight

I walked again to Half Moon Beach tonight. My favorite thinking rock, I settled on to contemplate your question as the light diminished with the setting of the sun. You ask if I’m still happy on my own. Yes, truly I can say that I’m content. But my good cheer comes not from being alone, […]

American Pie

Through brutal fingers pressed against my face, I glimpse star scattered sky of indigo, and disconnect from this nightmarish place. “…and can you teach me how to dance real slow?” As hair is tangled in wild underbrush, Don sings “…the jester stole his thorny crown.” My corpse, subjected to your angry push, feels pain no […]